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13 April 2011 @ 07:27 pm
hey i just wanted to inform you that one of the local lolitas from philly lolitas made a group on facebook for meet ups, so you guys should join since this community isnt very active and also i think we can do meet ups in nj too(:

(i think these are the links XD) if not look up frilladelphia
14 February 2011 @ 03:41 pm
 This may be a long shot...but for any Lolitas in the PHILADELPHIA, PA area who would like to participate in a Lolita fashion show & info panel, please consider applying to MODEL!

Looking for models in these styles: Classic, Gothic, Sweet & Punk (if available; if not, Punk will be dropped).

The show is hosted at Zenkaikon, a local medium-sized anime convention and will be held on SUNDAY, March 20th starting around 2:45PM. Information and details can be found at HERE OR at this website: miyumart.com/

Let's get the word out about Lolita in this Tri-State area!

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! *Comments OFF, please comment HERE with your inquiries for a response.
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26 December 2010 @ 02:13 pm
 At the Harmony Tea Room

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Probably should have put this up sooner >->;;  But yes, the Christmas Village Meet is of course Rescheduled for this Thursday, the 23rd since that's pretty much the only day left for it, I think?   We're still meeting in the evening unless people want to get together sooner, and all information from the old post applies.  If you think you might come, a comment would be helpful so I have an idea of how many people to wait for before heading into the Village~
Details, detailsCollapse )

If anyone wants help figuring out public transit or would like my phone number, send me a PM :3  See you then!  ^-^/

13 December 2010 @ 11:34 pm

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Looks like rescheduling is a must.  I didn't think snow would be a problem, but it started and just the right hour for the roads to turn into an unplowed tangle of accidents and traffic now.  I'm pretty much not allowed to drive OR take the bus to the train station,  and conditions aren't going to improve enough in the half-hour window I have left.  *sigh* A shame, it would've been so pretty in the snow ;-; Time to think about rescheduling I suppose, it's back to asking you all for opinions: 23rd, or sometime this weekend? -.-;; *sigh*  Wondering if I should do another post, at the risk of being a nuisance.

Time:  Around 5 o'clock on Thursday the 16th just outside the big, lit up "Christmas Village" archway, back-up date for rain or bitter cold is still Thursday the 23rd.  Anyone who comes after we've moved into the village should be able to find us poofy-coated ones as we wander the fair, it's pretty small.   I'd expect we won't be more than two hours in the village, but it's my first meet up so I could be way off.

24°-33° F, but we're still on UNLESS several people start voting to wait for the 23rd (it'll be warmer, but not by much since we aren't meeting during the daytime).  It doesn't look like it's going to be wet, but I will put an edit at the bottom of this post if that changes because icy rain doesn't make for happy lolitas :/;;

Dress:  Any style is welcome, holiday-themed coordinates are extra nifty, and we will be doing a fair bit of walking.    Do realize the downside of the village is we'll be outside most of the time (two booths are heated timber houses) so layer up!  We can always show off our outfits better after we're indoors.

Location: Dilworth Plaza's Christmas Village. Head towards City Hall and right next to it on the west side of the building is the vendor fair, you can't miss it.  We're meeting just to the side of the big, lit-up "Christmas Village" archway over the main entrance, so look for people with jackets that clearly have poofy skirts under them!  I'll be wearing the black x cream version of this Bodyline skirt because I'm a poor budget loli.

Shops & Food:
Vendors' goods, food, drinks, and sweets are all summarized here :3  There's also a carousel this year~

Moola: $30 should more than cover all the food and public transit you'd need, anything beyond that is pure spending cash XD  People who just want to look and not buy are welcome to join, of course.

Rest: Both Suburban Station and The Gallery are within three blocks away.  After we're done in the village, I figure we'll go relax in the Gallery unless someone has a better idea.

Attendees list (just for a basic idea of how many people to wait for before we head in, all are still welcome to drop by~)
And maybe a_dropofcolour

If anyone wants help figuring out public transit or would like my phone number, send me a PM :3  There will be no new posts on this meet, any updates will be added below this line on BOTH the [info]nj_loli and philly_lolitas  communities, since I'm cross-posting anyway.  See you then!  ^-^/
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(Thank you weetletang  for x-posting on philly_lolitas  for me!)

So, last  year I stumbled across the charming Old World-style vendor fair that is Philly's Christmas Village and I've been dreaming of lolitas there ever since.  I hear they have a carousel this year too, so I think it's time I brought this meet up idea out.  It would be a lovely place to get some holiday shopping in for those of you who want to.  I'm under a strict budget and just want to look and take pretty pictures, so non-shoppers can certainly enjoy the outing too.

I've never been to a lolita meetup, so help "hosting" would be nice (I can sort out basic public transit and local eating/rest stop options alright, but I'm worried about getting a big group and having to manage it!)  I've attended structured cosplay meet ups though, and this would be a fairly unstructured walk around the Village plus perhaps City Hall and the Gallery.  I like the idea of people being able to split off on their own, like we all meet in one area for photos and greetings, but don't feel pressured to stay together the whole time (I know I prefer small meet ups).

When: Suggest away, and don't rule out weekdays!   Events list here.  The 18th & 19th have performances from various heritage clubs going on for International Week, but I'm worried it'll get too crowded for a meet up.  I'm really interested in being there in the evening and at night when the trees light up (5-8pm range, as the village closes at 8), but I can always go another time for that if the daytime suits people better.  I'm...not really even sure how long such a meet up should be, walking all the vendor stalls shouldn't take more than two or three hours...

Cost: Bring enough for your own public transit and food (I'd think $30 would be enough for both, depends on where you're coming from); how ever much shopping money you dare to bring.  There's no charge to walk the village, City Hall, or the Gallery, but I expect riding the carousel would have a small fee.

So, is anybody interested?  Also, any word on how many lolitas have been showing up to other meet ups in central Philly would be helpful to know!

23 November 2010 @ 01:49 pm
Hello everyone, I'm cross-posting this from the Philly lolita group due to how close it is for the Southern/Central NJ people.

This Saturday, Nov. 27th is the next Dorian's Parlor at the Doubletree Hotel in Philly and I think this is a great chance to have a get together and meet.


I've attended the event before in EGL and had a BLAST, so I'm going to be going again this weekend. It's $25 for the 5 hour event from 8pm-1am and admission includes a drink ticket (and further drinks are pretty reasonably priced) and Hors D'oeuvres.

Anyone else in?

Edit: I forgot to add, this is a 21+ event.
16 November 2010 @ 11:16 pm
As you can see, there are a few changes to the nj_loli community! Due to a recent influx of spam, I contacted Livejournal and asked to be made admin of this community; it's been too long since there was active moderating of any kind. Consequently, posting is now members only and membership is moderated. I hope that will prevent any further unwanted posts. Most importantly, I changed the layout. XD

In case anyone needs an introduction, my name is Martha and I've been a member of the New Jersey lolita community for several years now. I love lolita fashion and wear it whenever I can, along with other Japanese styles like natural kei, mori girl, and dolly fashion. If you want to know more about me, visit my journal or my blog. :3 I live in South Jersey, but often travel to meetups in New York and Philadelphia.

I know New Jersey is a surprisingly big state so it's not always possible to attend meetups at one end of it or the other, but I hope we can all have a more active community from now on! If anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them. GO GARDEN STATE LOLITAS ♥
08 October 2010 @ 03:29 pm
an you can see from my last post i just moved to MT.Laurel. i have never attended a meet up,and i have yet to go to a tea room here(:

so if you have any suddgestions on good tea rooms(i like fruit tea so i hope they have some:3)

also if any of you would be interested to have a meet up or we can organize one? it can be
in october, november, or december(:

i was thinking if it is in december, we could do a small gift exchange?

i dont know, im just throwing out ideas, im new to this whole meet up thing(:
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